Cave B Estate Winery

2013 Cave B Barbera

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I thought the 2012 vintage of Barbera would be a really tough one to follow. As it turns out the 2013 did not want to be thought less of than its older brother. This wine has every bit of the grace, elegance, and varietal character that the 2012 had, without the added hint of smoke that was added by the intense fires of 2012. Blackberries, dark Bing cherries, and wild huckleberries are leather laced on the delicious nose of this Barbera. All of these aromas jump around in one big happy medley. The palate offers every bit of happiness anticipated after smelling this wine. The huckleberries from the nose transition into blueberry fruit leather while the other dark berry and cherry notes dance on your palate. The 2013 Barbera will pair beautifully with Piemontese style lasagna layered with a mixture of lamb,veal and pork, rich nutmeg accented béchamel sauce, hand rolled pasta sheets, Mozzarella, Pecorino, and Parmigiano cheeses.