Cave B Estate Winery

2015 Cave B Riesling

The Ancient Lakes AVA is quickly becoming recognized as the premier growing region for white grape varieties, particularly Riesling with most of our state’s high-end Rieslings being grown in this area. Our Riesling is no exception. We’ve been growing Riesling on the Cave B property since the early 80’s and it truly thrives in our microclimate and soils. “Minerality” is one of those terms in wine descriptors that people think “what in the world does that mean, how do you smell or taste minerality”? When I use the descriptor minerality, I think of the smell of a pristinely clean river or stream in a cool shaded forest. If you pick up a clean wet stone from that stream and smell it and then if you were to imagine that smell on your taste buds, that is the aroma and flavor I refer to. Along with the huge amounts of “minerality” in the aromas of our 2015 Riesling there are beautiful hints of lemon zest, quince, Asian pear, green mango and honeydew melon. On the palate the lemon zest takes on a candied quality. The flavors continue with crisp flavors of Asian pear, Bartlett pear that is a bit short of fully ripe, hints of green mango, honeydew melon, with a long finish of crisp acidity laced with that “minerality”.

This Riesling is a true chameleon of food pairing. My favorite pairing is with Thai food; Phad Thai, Phad Kee Mao, or Phad see Ew, or Yellow Thai curry are amazing when paired with this Riesling. Blue veined and creamy cheeses make for great pairings as well. Seafood? Take your pick, truly.

Production:118 cases

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