Cave B Estate Winery

2013 Cave B Cuvee du Soleil

 WOW!!! Our 2013 Cuvée du Soleil is just begging to be tasted. The nose is incredibly rich, dense and delicious with aromas of ripe blackberries, wild huckleberries, dried currants, ripe Mission figs and just the right amount of oak notes to add even more depth.The wine truly explodes on your palate with all of the flavors jumping in and out and around one another. Adding to the complexity of the palate there are flavors of earthy tobacco leaves and fresh notes of hibiscus flowers that compliment all of the dark fruit flavors so nicely. 

This wine is a natural for hearty braised red meats.  Braised short ribs smothered with a rich wild huckleberry demi-glace served over truffled mashed potatoes would make for an unforgettable food and wine marriage!!

Produced: only 120 cases

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