Cave B Estate Winery

2015 Cave B Petit Verdot

 Petit Verdot is always a fun wine to write tasting notes for because it is so unique. Typically this wine is not bottled as a stand-alone varietal due to that special character that can sometimes be too green or herbaceous, but when it works it is amazing, and this wine falls into that amazing category in my opinion.

Aroma: Dried plums infused with Herbs de Provence are the initial impression but smoothly move into aromas of Bing cherries, vanilla bean and a light hint of barrel toast. 

Taste:  I love the palate of this wine because it is big and light all at once. I know that sounds crazy but let me explain. When the wine first hits your palate it fleshes out and coats every bit of your mouth with a creamy like texture and as soon as you swallow the wine the beautiful tannins and acids work together to leave an almost crisp feeling on the palate. There are wonderful flavors of dark red fruits throughout with a hint of Herbs de Provence herbaceousness.

Food Pairing: Steak Provencal is a perfect pairing for this wine. There are many variations on recipes for Steak Provencal but this wine will show best with a recipe that uses fresh herbs as part of the marinade and finishing sauce.

Cases Produced: 114

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